Saturday, 17 May 2014


The famous Celebrity and great Professional Oprah Winfrey is on the list of " World's most Powerful Women" and despite the change in ranking position, she is mentioned on the list since it debut in the year 2004.
Aside from her famous life as a popular Talk show host and Philanthropist, Oprah Winfrey also got her taste for great assets also in the form of landed properties.

Here is a view of some of Oprah Winfrey's Homes in different parts of the World which includes Montecito in Maui, Antigua, Bahamas, Chicago and Hawaii.

                                                           House in Montecito, Maui

                                                              House in the Bahamas    

                                                                  House in Antigua  

                                                                 House in Chicago
                                                                House in Hawaii

                                              Plus other wonderful establishments

Now I understand what makes her always remain on World's Richest and Most Powerful Women's List


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