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Chandelier are decorative ceiling mounted light fixture, the most regal of all light fixtures

My writing today has so many inspirational support. I decided to write about this topic today after seeing one of my favour musical video which i have seen like a 100 times again yesterday night over and over and over again, Sarkodie ft Banky W in Pon Di Thing. 

Did you notice how many chandelier was beautifully fixed in different parts of the interior of that building? Gorgeous!!!.
Note, the lovely architecture building used in that musical video's interior was constructed by a Professional Interior designer and decorated by a Professional Interior decoration no doubt (an Interior designer is not the same has an Interior decorator, they perform different roles). The synonymous colour patterns and colour combination, the brilliant use of light and the lightening effect, wall arrangement and perfect angle placement, as in art works, wall fittings and fixtures, georgious contemporary pieces of furnitures, perfect exterior designs and lots more are a basic proof to my observation.

Back to the topic, Chandelier was first characterised from one of the decorations that decorated the Chateaux and Palaces across ancient Europe but now popularly applied in most modern homes and other types of Interiors.

 Chandeliers are expertly crafted and brilliantly designed beautiful piece of reflective art designed to be mounted on ceilings light-fixtures, made in every designs and every style (modern, cool, simple, silhouette, png) and in every sizes and shapes to reflect shades of light. Inspired from different historical, physical and cultural substances like ships, bird cage, mirror, candles, umbrellas, cakes to mention a few. Materials like wrought irons, metals, bronze, pottery and crystals are some of the great selected materials used in the manufacture of Chandelier.

One of my personal attachment to this light decoration is the names of the different types of Chandeliers we have, Winser wide or slim, Possini Euro Vita, Penwell, Penton chrome, Vicosa, la Painte, Jamie young, Almond flowers are few names of the types of Chandeliers.

Chandelier adds to the beautification of our Interiors and also exteriors and they have different price range and mostly very affordable and can be attached to different parts of our homes including the kitchen.

I hope this has been helpful. Till tomorrow...
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