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I remember the story about "The Goose that laid the golden egg" a story book my father got me as a present when I was a little child recently when I was reading about artworks and I came across the historical picture backed down to the year 800 A.D.

Reading the story then, I never imagined it actually happened. But it did, Paintings and Sculptural representations created then made the story live over time and time again. This actually inspired me to write about sculptural artworks today and I was convinced when I saw a beautiful Sculptural decoration on a friend's picture background .

A modern day decoration probably inspired by the story

Artworks means exhibition and its geographically limited. Artworks are paintings, sculptures, photography that is created to beautify or to express an important idea or feeling. Artworks are artistic production or work that is endeavor to preserve everything of the present times as clearly and as permanent as possible. Sculptural artworks are historical and are sumptuous echo of the past.

This finely crafted sculpture employ different features of images like God and Goddesses from the past and present, Natures and more mythologies and examine religious belief and iconography. The creation of this sculpture spans past years, highly symbolic and fascinating.

Oduduwa, Ile-Ife, Nigeria in Africa, BC

This Art forms revolves around the past and was intended to keeping history alive. Art forms obeys One Law; the mode of representing man, nature and environment remains almost the same for thousand of years.

Gerome Jean Leon, Ceasar crossing the boarder of lubicon, 1904

Shintaro Ohata, 2012, Tomorrow

Good sculptures should remain remarkably stable over years period that represent ancient civilization without strong outside influence. It should have high level of quality because ancient arts are characterised by regularity and detailed depiction of human beings and the nature, and, were intended to provide company to the decrease in the other or new word.

The death of Caesar 1867

Logo Sculpture

We have different types of sculptural artworks and they are mostly employed in the decorations of both exteriors and interiors. They range in sizes and functional representations. They all have their uniqueness and they are mostly very expensive. We have, Three dimensional (3D), Light, Artwork, Hedge, Paper, Creative, Hand-made, Inspirational, Pencil, Metal, Stone, Sand and Wall art types of Sculptural Artworks.

Multicolour Interiordezine...adding colour to ur life

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