Sunday, 18 May 2014


One of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding is the choice of the Venue.

Before checking out Halls, go through these tips as they will be so helpful in you planning an Event.

1) Consider the weather :-
          In picking a perfect venue for your wedding, you need to first consider how protected your Guest will be in case of any weather condition.

2) Price :-
          There is so many things that demands money in the preparation of a wedding. This is why budgeting is important . Its important that you get a good venue and also at a reasonable price to also suit your budget.
Don't go over board so you wouldn't get stranded and unable to pay for other required services.

3) Space :-
           You have to determine how the venue is in accordance to the number of quest you are expecting and also the walkways space.

4) Decoration :- 
            If you don't want to spend too much on decoration then get a venue that would look so good without too much extensive venue decoration. Some venues already got a set theme and would look good without too much decoration.

5) Location :-
            It's advisable to book a venue that will be easy to get for you and your guest, It can be frustrating for you to either get loss or or be stuck in traffic or for guest to be looking for venue hours before getting there. If you are going to use a Church, Try a Reception Hall near the Church for ease of Transportation and note, when choosing a venue for your wedding, packing space is another important factor as you would want ur guest's car to be stolen or bashed.
Hope this was helpful, Congrats and have fun on your day.

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