Monday, 19 May 2014


Creating new and fresh ideas to making your Home a better place to live is very important in this our busy generation. Have you every entered into some apartments and wondered if the word "arrangement" ever crosses the mind of the people living in it?

Its very important to always keep our apartments clean and tidy creating space for movement.

Arranging my room this morning, a thought came to my mind to share with you "The Importance Of Shelving", In your Homes, Offices, Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories and other wonderful Interiors plus Exteriors. We all know we have different types of shelves. For example we have, Media shelf, Book shelf, Kitchen Cabinets, Decoration shelf, Corner Shelf, Pull out shelf and lots more which also ranges in types, shapes, heights, breadth and looks.

The two most disarranged places in most people's homes is their bedrooms and their kitchen if you will agree with me. That's why you can never judge how tidy a family is until you have the chance to enter into their bedroom or kitchen.

Shelves are used for storing and also for displaying.

Shelves are made out of different materials ranging from glass to woods and also they serves different functions or should I say purposes. Shelves can be attached to any horizontal or flat surface. Shelves could be constructed to suit your styles and item arrangement needs. That is, If I'm someone that's got more shoes than bags in my bedroom for instance, I need to explore my creativeness and consult a furniture maker to create a Shelf that would have more shoe storing spaces than for bags or probably search for a ready-made Shelf that would suit this my storage need perfectly. Or if you are the type that fancies buying more pots in your kitchen than plates. It would be advisable for you to get a Shelf or Cabinet that will serve more pot storing purpose.

I personally think one of the best ways of creating more spacious Interiors can be achieved by minimising the storage and arrangements of  items on the floor aside for some large piece of furniture and more shelves should be created attached to the wall in reasonable and appropriate sizes. Shelves could be attached to wall in various form; by the corners, floating that is attached to the ceiling or created to be placed on the floor. Proper arrangement of our Interior reduce the emergence of crawling insects or crawling animals like rodents thereby remove diseases out breaks and illnesses and also eliminate accidents in our homes.

Remember, A happy Family is a Healthy family. I hope this has been helpful. More articles coming your way on relative ways of keeping our homes looking tidy and neat, stay tuned.

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