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When you sit, do you prefer the feel of a leather cushion chair or a fabric cushion chair to your butt?

leather cushion chair set

Fabric cushion chair set

Maintaining or preserving your cushion chairs can be a very tough job to do. My favourite Uncle has changed the leather to his sitting room's cushion chair more than twice now because it keeps spoiling. And each time he changes it, the furniture maker guarantees him, "Its the original leather we used for you this time around sir". Could it be because of our hot weather condition in this part of the world (tropical environment) or due to its poor maintenance or maybe inappropriate use of or wrong cleaning agents or its not even original leather that is use in the manufacture of the seat by the way.

An example of an authentic leather cushion chair

Cheaper manufacturers of leathers have found savvy ways to throw the word leather around meaning something completely different and questioning what an authentic leather furniture really looks like.

Making your seat cushion, that is, soft synthetic, durable, comfortable, beautiful and easy to maintain piece of furniture is my opinion to what a cushion chair should be.

 But why are majority of our cushion chair now not durable?

That's a funny question to ask, isn't it?. And yet not cheap. This and many more factors is why people consider the use of fabrics in creating a cushion chair now to leather.

Fabric cushion chairs are believed to be comfortable, more durable and less expensive. The cushions and throw pillow's fabrics could be removed and washed. And fabric seat doesn't radiate or absorb heat, you wouldn't stand up finding traces of your sweat on your seat.

A leather and fabric cushion chair (good example to explore)

Although authentic leather cushion chairs are more durable and easy to clean. But also, stain resistant material fabrics cushion chair provides a virtually water proof just wipe advantage but what about stains that could sink?
When choosing chairs for your interiors, you consider the material type and advantages, the colour, your style needs, and your budget. You will agree with me that fabric cushion chairs got this advantages more to an extent and also in terms of durability and especially in tropical environments. But also, leather seats makes you feel good, its looks good especially in cars and its easier to clean and vaccum compare to a fabric seat.

Note, when cleaning leather seat, use a leather cleanser to wipe off dirt and grime from the cushion. 

Which do you prefer?

More on chairs to come... 
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