Sunday, 18 May 2014


A pregnant Woman has been sentenced to be hanged because of her faith. Her crime, "She fell in love and married  a christian man and affirmed her faith in Christianity.

A Sudanese court sentenced a pregnant 27 year old woman called Mariam Yahya Ibrahim to death this week because of her faith and her marriage to a christian Man.

Although she was raised as a christian by her mother after her father who was a Muslim left her when she was six, the court accused and convicted her of apostasy since the court in Khartoum regards her as a Muslim.
Since the court doesn't recognise her marriage to a non-Muslim either, she was also been accused of Adultery and sentenced to 100 lashes.

Apostasy Law has also been stated as an archaic and inane interpretation of Sharia Law which states that "Muslims who leaves Islam should be killed". Its also said to contradicts and undermine Basic Human Rights and Equality.

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