Sunday, 18 May 2014


             THE WORLD LARGEST AND BEST ELECTION EXERCISE TOOK                                                       PLACE IN INDIA

narendra modi has emerged undisputed as the champion of Lak Sabha Electron 2014 by delivering the party's best result ever in the general election of India. modi who was a tea seller in his childhood days has come along way to have excellence in the report card of the World's largest ever electoral exercise. he will now serve the Nation as the Prime Minister with the goals of implementing the "Gujurat model" of development throughout the Nation.

norendra  modi is a self made man with a humble beginning who loves to talk tough decisions. No wonder he is still a bachelor.

 If India can achieve this peaceful electoral exercise the world ever recorded, I strongly believe Nigeria would. If norendra modi can become Indians Prime Minister, I strongly believe in the future of our great Country Nigeria.
God bless Nigeria

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