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In ancient Chinese, the word colour (YANSE) is used alone, meaning, "it serves as a complete sentence". More accurately, colour in ancient Chinese meant "Colour of the face" or "Emotion".

These is where I am driving at: Chinese people are the originator of colours that are generally accepted all over the word.

How did I get to discover this?. The DSTV subscription at home finished and the major free channels were CCTV 1, CCTV China and one other CCTV Channel like that. So out of boredom I tuned it to CCTV English and immediately I was caught off guard with the program that was currently been shown on this channel. It was beautiful. It was all about one of their Festival to showcase their culture, believes and traditions. l noted the diverse in their colour shades. 
This made me go online and study more about "Chinese Colour". So, China was were all this Teal blue, Maroon colours, burgundy (although the colour was made popular in France), Torguiose and all the recent unique colours originated from even though weren't made popular through the Chinese people.

Colours in Chinese refers to to the various colours that are considered auspicious or inauspicious. Auspicious means showing future successes or encouraging good fortune or prosperity. While inauspicious means opposite. Chinese people generally believe in good success resulting in good future and years. Beautifully, this has made them skillfully mix this colours together to create lots of different colour shades that you can ever imagine to explaining and reflect different emotional situations. This colour discovery by the Chinese have generally been adopted in different countries all over the word and have been given different names to suit their own cultural understandings. Note, not that colour discovery wasn't also made in other countries but it all started from China and its people. Brilliant isn't it?. Woow I love this discovery.

In traditional Chinese art and culture, Black, Red, Qing ( a conflation of the idea of "blue and green" sometimes called "Grue"), White and Yellow are viewed as Standard colours which can also be referred to as their "Primary colour".
This colour corresponds to the "Five Elements" of water, fire, wood, metal and earth.

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