Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Children's closets, Children's book shelves, Get your kids organised at all ages

Colour isn't the only thing that makes a child's room beautiful. The right colour, the right theme and their interest is important when you are considering decorating your children's room.

You don't have to keep telling your kids, "Clean your room". A child's room is meant to be spacious not stuffy.

When decorating a child's room you have to put a lot into consideration aside for your budget which includes:

Colour- As a parent you should have known which colour he or she appreciates more. Which of the colours he or she feel safe in. So when choosing colour for his or her room use a combination of one or two of her favourite colour and shades.

Theme- Whats your child's favourite character from watching the television? Children have likeness for a particular character or thing. It could be one of their favourite cartoon character or a particular Celebrity or an Animal or more. Find out what his or her favourite character is and use it to form a theme for his or her room. This theme could come inform of wallpaper or in form of decorations. Some kids love any thing that has to do with space while others its animals.

Safety- You don't just organize or decorate a room for your child without considering his or her safety. I believe that's what parents do right?. Parents have to put their children's safety first. Adults organisational system don't work well in kids room. Children's room are meant to be spacious. When arranging your kids room there are ways to arrange the furniture to improve the safety of his or her room.
Centering the bed against all visible walls, lowering their cloths rods, using child's size hangers, floor level open container, getting not so hard materiel-furniture and lots more are ways of ensuring the safety of your children in their rooms.

Get your kids organize- You will save yourself  lots of energy by training your kids to be organized the little they could themselves. Children are naturally very smart even though they have some characters that makes them adorably children but exploring the smart aspect of kids makes you a happier parent.
Why not arrange the book shelf according to the first letter of the title and all in alphabetical order. Get down to your kids eye level to help them organize. Train your kid to keep things appropriately and in its right order.

We all love our kids, don't we?

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  1. Hey! This is a great concept. Thanks for the enlightenment. May be needing your services soon. However,some of the sample pictures are more of foreign. Can we get picture of local designs in your catalogue. Thanks.

  2. Our policy doesn't give room for using people's home pictures we decorated for public use. Except if they dont mind and mostly 10 out of 10 minds. My job catalogue is very available when ever you require of it sir. Thank you very much