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So I have decided to bring to you pictures from a Fabulous Baltimore Wedding.

An Elegant Wedding Theme

We Event decorators and Planners try our best to improve on our designs and sometimes we look up to decorators with more years of experience in this field. One of my personal favourite decorator designed a wedding which I would love to also share with you. This event was mentioned as one of the best themed wedding ever.

What makes a wedding perfect?
Is it in the food or the colour theme or the decoration and design, or in the number of the invited guests or what in specific?. I personally think its in the general organisation... every single details matters.
So I have decided to show you pictures and explain to you why I think the management of this wedding came out fabulously perfect.
Grooms Outfit
 Unique Grooms three pieces suit with fresh flower Boutonniere

Brides Outfit and Bouquet
Complimenting Groom and Brides's wedding outfits with a gorgeous fresh flower bridal bouquet plus matching bride's maids bouquet

Lovely VVIP Table
Neatly arranged VIP rectangular Table showcasing the themed colour effectively  

Stunning Cake Table
Cake table decorated with grayish black rich damask material and a wonderful view of the walkway and hall which is well lighted

Ultimate Guild for a Fabulous sitting arrangement
A wonderful escort table featuring the sitting arrangement... Easily accessible for both the Ushers in charge of the Event and also for the Invited Guests

Glamorous center pieces arrangement
Wonderful first role center pieces and table arrangement. love the feather plus flower arrangement.. love the new wine glass design and the candles and the candle stand

Beautifully arranged general guest center pieces arrangement

 Unique Number Tag

Overflow and wonderful Chaivari chair tieback

Classy Menu list showcasing the richness of the colour purple menu list

 lovely customized guest's souvenir

I hope you agree with me on why I think this particular wedding's planning and management plus decoration is perfect.

WATCH OUT FOR PART TWO.... it will be simply fabulous. Multicolour Interiordezine...adding colour to ur life

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