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One of my favourite Television program "Clean house" shares more light on this one. Having extra unused things lying around the house, Obviously, it can never look tidy.
Just living can make a mess of things. You need to let out your organisational skill to be able to live a tidy life and which by the way is better for you. Research has shown that; A clean and tidy environment has a positive impact on your emotion and vise versal.

How do you keep your apartment Tidy?
I have this friend of mine who I admire greatly. I have never met his apartment untidy. Its well organised and everything seems to be in its right place. When looking for anything you can't never miss out of finding it. "How does he keep doing that". How do you keep your apartment clutter free, clean and tidy...
  • Keep Organising
Get Cabinets or shelves for extra organisable things in your apartment. Things like bags or shoes or papers or files. Keep them managed and according to their level of importance so you wouldn't have to keep rearranging. That can be frustrating.

  • Keep Washing
Dishes especially, get laundry basket to keep all your dirty cloths. I personally isn't a fan of constant washing but I arrange all my dirty cloth neatly in my laundry basket before I do my laundry but not for dishes. I clean my kitchen after every cooking and after every meal. You should too.

  • Keep Cleaning
By this I also mean sweeping or vacuuming. Clean your apartments at least twice daily. My Mum makes us sweep her sitting room like five times daily. She keeps controlling our activities especially in the sitting room. She would say, " I don't want my sitting room looking unkempt because visitors could show up anytime and you know what they say about first Impression".

  • Keep Arranging and Eliminating
"Less is more". Holding on to everything with the believe that one day you will use them, LET GO.
This plus many other factors are what keeps our interiors untidy.
Never buy anything you have no immediate use of, SAVE YOUR MONEY.
Be PROACTIVE, a minimalist, when it comes to shopping for anything, you don't have to impress anybody.

  • Get Organised
Ability to organise during task even with your busy scheduled life. First thing you do when you wake up is to relay you bed neatly and smoothly. I learnt that along time ago. A tidy room with a rough bed will always come out  looking untidy. Clean your apartment atleast twice daily like I mentioned earlier. I personally suggest you do your cleaning at night before you go to bed and when you wake up early in the morning.

And finally,
  •  Develop the habit of cleanliness..

Dust, spray, clean, wipe, wash and do it again... your gateway to a tidy interior.

I hope this has been helpful?.

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