Friday, 22 May 2015


Why are you a Professional when you can't help Client cut cost or manage cost or work around their budget line. There is no client situation I can't manage. 

Middle of last month I got a new add on my blackberry messenger. The man in question told me he was interested in my services, due to increase in his rent, he is ready to move into his own site. But there was a problem, he needed to move in urgently and he was working on a strict budget. He was moving into the Boy's Quarters for now so no over spending. We scheduled the painting of his Boy's Quarters for the beginning of this month, May,2015. The BQ wall by the way isn't screened and the apartment has been built for quite sometimes now. Quite sometime, a period of three good years.

My observation- Reaction over time has made the plastered wall surface colour change. It looks dull and almost blackish. Secondly, there were a million cracks, here and there they were. Thirdly, a lot of holes.. you would believe how much hole there were, of different size.

But I has a professional had to do my job and by doing I mean it must have a really good finish. I have to paint this wall to look great, smooth, clean and perfect. But do you remember I said the wall isn't screened?.

So the question, How did I achieve it because I DID.

Number one, I went there with my experience painter. He is also the elected Coordinator when it comes to my painting job. And remember budget is to be also considered right?, good.

Number two, Strategy, we strategised and came up with a good solution. Solution only someone passionate about what he or she does could reason out.

Our solution- Our solution was to buy packs of poly fillers, rolls of sandpapers and loads of good scrappers.

Method- First, we started by scraping this walls, secondly, we sandpapered like ups and down, rights and centers, then we began to fill, filling then sandpapering after it got dry.

Problem encounter- Okay, we started painting alright. then we did the first coats. Hell nah... more visible cracks all over. Long once, short once, deeper once and narrow once. That aside, then we encountered irregularity in the walls. Oh no, this is getting tougher than we anticipated. After eight long hours of scrapping and sandpapering and filling, oh lord.

But I and my team of workers are dedicated to this coarse. We must prove that we are talented team of loyal professionals and our work/job means a lot to us. So second set of filling occurred. More packets of Poly-fillers were bought. Then we waited for it to dry up, sandpaper for leveling, then continued painting. We continued this process for four full days. And finally, our job is done, hurrah, lol.

FYI, the second coat came out incredible since good and quality paint were used and patience was applied in the filling of the cracks. The colour combinations came out super, then some areas required extra paint coating and more fillings has time went on. We re-touched some more place with paint a little here and there. And yes we did it, yeah right, smiles#

We cleaned the place up afterwards, scrap out all the stains then closed up the place after work was done.

I called my wonderful Client to show up for inspection. I was really glad he loved the painting job we did. I am so glad I made him happy and made myself proud once again. I also met his wonderful wife and handsome son. The wall came out as perfect as I dreamed of and the painting came out beautiful with all our interest colour combination.


MULTICOLOUR INTERIORDEZINE...adding colour to ur life
Note, the door spraying contract wasn't given to us. And I dedicate this write up to Demilade Surulare.

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