Thursday, 14 May 2015


Hi,I am back and better

So I woke up very early this midnight disturbed. I began to ask myself different questions; Whats wrong again Kemi, why was I actually awake, why am I disturbed, why can't I sleep. Different questions through my mind. 

Sometimes has Christians when the holy spirit wakes us you up in the midnight its always for a purpose. So I thought, is it one of those nights that God want me to pray about something?. But no, this isn't one of such night. I am awake for another purpose. laying on my bed, I started reasoning at such early hour of the morning.

I discovered one of the reasons I couldn't sleep, I actually got a gadget for myself the previous night and my friend who followed me to acquire the item complained that I got that item way to expensive. Wow, why am even acquiring this item, I asked myself. Am I investing my money or just spending it?. I could have used this money for a lot better purpose but I didn't. This item was actually so necessary but I could wait. So spending this money now, the money is just gone isn't as if I invested it in anyway.

Several thoughts kept creeping into my mind.. Why did I even stop blogging?!. All of a sudden it hits me. Oh God why?.
I changed accommodation almost a year now and discovered that the network in my new environment was really bad. The WiFi connection I was previously using wasn't yet registered in this location so I acquired another WiFi connection and yet no signal...what the heck... whats happening. 'How do I blog now', I asked myself.

A lot of advise turned out to no avail. So that's how I stopped blogging. Three months later, I discovered my very first WiFi package now got signal in that environment but I also discovered something
really sad, 'I lost my mojo for writing. How so saddening!.

But today the 14th of May, 2015. God gave me back my writing mojo and it took a completely quite unrelated occurrence in my life to frustrate it out.

Yet all I want to say is, 'Thank you Holy Spirit'.

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