Monday, 18 May 2015



Uniqueness isn't following the crowd, uniqueness isn't to be in vogue, uniqueness isn't following protocol. Uniqueness isn't doing what other's do the way they do theirs.

UNIQUENESS IS YOU (its in your hands)

Why am I talking about Uniqueness with "That Kitchen cabinets" as my Topic?. Let me explain but this time its to talk about one of my Clients.

I have never met him and I doubt if I would very much. Ah ah ah, strange isn't it, yeah right. Don't be so amazed, This happens a lot in interior decoration. This my unique client is out of the country, at a very far country. My Company got the contract to the Interior Decoration of
 his Nigeria Vacation Home. God bless technology. We discuss via various social media which also
includes making calls and talking ideas, exchanging email etc.

Something I discovered about this my client is that he likes it unique, complex yet simple,
confusing yet not confused designs. All the kitchen cabinet designs he sent to me were just all so
unique and beautiful. It challenging but to me yet simple.
so what am i saying?.

This Special Client has changed my point of view. My perspective about life generally. Why must you go with the crowd, why must you go with protocol, why must you want to belong, why must you like what they like and do what others do?. So from today; I Oluwakemi refuse to follow the crowd

I pledge to be unique in all my Interior decorating styles, my interior designing scopes, my creative thinking and lots more. So help me God. What about you?

Multicolour Interiordezine...adding colour to your life. And remember, Uniqueness is Key.

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