Friday, 5 June 2015


MULTICOLOUR INTERIORDEZINE is an Interior Decorating company adding colour to lives by creating this welcoming space that our Clients loves to call theirs. Whether we are working on a new construction or re-doing or re-making  the decoration an interior space.

I observed that we are all attracted to certain design elements that not only make up our own style, but also make us unique. But how can we define our looks when it's so specific to us? Take a few minute to review some of my examples and find out what type of style interest you the most.

No matter what your style is, Multicolour Interiordezine looks forward to embracing your lifestyle preferences and hobbies to transforming your interiors into a one kind interior showpiece.

Then back to my topic, "Does your interior decoration showcase your style"?
Let me use home as an example here. I personally have been to certain people's homes and
I see no relation to the owners. The interior decoration doesn't showcase who they are and
a lot of people blame this on few factors like time, resources (Money factor) and decorating items available at such times. "We can always change it", they would always say. "Thought you said you don't have time?", I would ask. Note this reader, there is always that item that you want in your interior at your right price, trust me. But all you need do is to be patient and search harder. Never buy stuffs at people's opinion. Be patient when picking items and always visualize and conceptualize. Have a clearer picture of what you want before you start shopping. And when shopping for Interior decorating items, you can always come back if you did not find the right item at that time. Trust me, we have rights and wrongs. And never forget budget, so you don't end up buying some substandard items when you can't afford standards anymore. Quality I tell you has a voice of it's own.

let me quickly define this designs as easy as possible.
We have five different and quite relating styles.
1) Modern= also could be called new world, vogue, millennium or the in thing.
2) Traditional= Showcasing Culture or Old school or detailed personal style.
3) Contemporary= More than Modern, timeless
4) Conventional= common and ordinary, a style I can call simple. Not considering any style at heart.
5) Transitional= Majorly contains two different type of styles. Mostly happens when there is a make over or a do-over interior decoration.






I hope this has been helpful. Multicolour Interiordezine...adding colour to ur life


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