Saturday, 18 July 2015


The importance of racks cannot be over emphasised. Be it shoe to books to display racks. They could also be inform of shelves or referred to as shelves. All I am particular about is the functionality. Any type of shelf or racks can serve dual purposes with its second purpose serving as a decorative shelf. That's better functionality.

My personal favourite of all types of racks is the display rack. Do you know depending on the type of rack, you can exhibit any thing on a rack. 

I watch TV a lot but not sitting down to watch Telemondo. Don't get me wrong I tune to Telemondo sometimes but I am not looking at their faces, I am staring at the background. I never stop learning, No!. 

My field like majority of us knows is an evolving field, I need to keeps learning. 
Let me go back I am far drifting away from my point. So like I am saying; I watch Homes, Interiors, and Living channels. I see alot of programs on TV that my colleages handle or should I say anchor. 

You wouldn't believe the fantastic ways a good display shelf comes to play and the varing items that can be displayed on them. Decorative shelves could contain different fuctional items varing from books to decorations to flower vases and so on and so forth. Displaying this items is just a matter of being creative. And the more creative you can get, the better. Decorative shelves add value, life and beauty to your Interiors.

So in essence, a book shelf doesn't always need to contain just books and a shoe or a bag shelf or rack doesn't always have to contain just shoes and bags respectively. You can add life to your interiors by being alittle bit creative and dynamic. That's the secret of being an Interior decorator. 

So sit down, relax and think of what kind of shelfing you would need in each spaces in your interiors. Be it your living room or in your office or in any space in your house. It can also be either a floating shelf or standing shelf. All you need is the right kind of shelf.

And remember, Your shelf could also only contain just decorating items and doesn't necessarily need to be large sizes. it could be cute.
Multicolour interiordeine....adding colour to ur life

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