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This is a question I often ask myself. What does a good interior comprise of?. Is a good interior just in the set of Interior decorating items or in all its contents?. Does a good Interior have to be expensive?.

As a professional Interior decorator, I have been opportune to enter various types of buildings and to observe them all the same. From my observations, every single details matters,
From the type of ceiling treatments, to the wall treatments and down to the type of floor treatments. A good Interior is a function of the right collection and connection of all these factors, the choice and also the combination of all this various interior decorating items to go with the Interior designs. Every single details matter to a perfect interior.

Quick Illustration

I have this client that wanted to do Plaster of Paris (POP)  ceiling treatment for his new house. He got one of this Interior companies to fix this POP job for him but believe me you, the designs were just too simple, too ordinary and very laid back, unbelievably right?. Interior design is an evolving profession. At that price, he deserves something way better then he got. After spending all that money, trust he must have being really disappointed. He contacted us and we finished the remain part of the job for his lovely new home. Then the exterior now marched the interior perfectly. This Professional, smile#.
So many different sets of displeased Clients i have come across that have had to spend extra when the contractor or company they first contacted did a terrible job. I don't want to be that kind of professional. I want my Clients to love me always.


My answer, quit wasting your money. A good interior decorator or designer should and always help you cut cost. Except he or she isn't professional enough. I am a realist, I tell you how it would work and what are the possibilities.


Enough of compliance and wasting of money friends, lets get professional, Multicolour Interiordezine is offering to all our clients and potential client a Mid Year Special Promo. 

We are giving up to 25% discount service price. Let's prove to you that it is more than just having the money for interior decor or design services. It also involves finding the right professionals for this services plus a quality job well done from them.

Get Unique, Classy, Quality and Super Services from our Company and do you now know the fun part?. We are offering this services to you at a 25% discounted service price. We want you to understand why we are so particular about quality and standard services at all time and why at the shortest period of time our company got established lot of Nigerians prefer doing businesses with us. 

We are a group of  talented, skilled, learned, versatile and understanding set of young Interior decorators and designer, coming together to add colour to your lives.

What are you waiting for?. Call us today on 081848470007 or 08138876286 or add is on Pin: 79684B85 or Email us now on

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