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Colour is one of the most important parts of Interior and Event decoration. Colour effects everything we do, even more so far Interior designing and decorating and thereby enhancing their outlooks.

We have to understand colours and to choose colours carefully in other to be able to create a successful home and event decoration. The composition and coordination of colour together to creating a stylish colour scheme for your interiors is really important so has not to have an awkward interior outlook. With a little knowledge choosing colour can just be simple as 1-2-3 and also using my colour wheel.

My Colour Wheel

Colour wheel is a tool that showcases the different colour relationship and combinations that are possible. I am here today to teach you how to create a perfect interior using this colour scheme yourself. Balanced tone, balanced colour temperature, uniform colour nature and pattern are all important attributes to a perfect colour combination.

That is why I have broken down this colour scheme to show their colour meaning. I profile, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, grey and brown to help understand how colour works.

Complimentry Colour Combination
   Any two contrasting directly opposite colour combined in the colour wheel. 

Split Complimentary colour combination
Two complimentary colour with any other colour near any of the two complimentary colour choice. Mostly comes out better than Complimentary colour combination.

Triadic colour combination
Three colour that are equally spaced from each other; point of a triangle

Tetrad colour combination
Four colours that are equally spaced from each other, i.e, a contrast of four colours.

Analogues colour combination
Compose of two or three sweet and related colour close to each other in the colour wheel

Dual complimentary colour combination
Pairs of close, contrasting and complimentary colours

Different shades of a single colour tone

Black and white tone colour combination.
This is the most common of all kinds of colour combinations

Find colour ideas everywhere you look, I do too. This will help you to learn and make better colour decisions and thereby aid in creating a better interior for yourself.
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