Monday, 29 June 2015


Although sometimes depending on the surface area, Wallpaper fixing tends to come out much more expensive to painting of walls. But why do people still keep paying for wallpapers instead of painting even with the fact that its quite more expensive.

Let me explain that. There is this uniqueness about wallpapers that kind of speaks your personalty unlike painting of walls that you just have to go with any available shade of colours.

My name is Kemi Olutola and I love colours, probably thats why my company's name is Multicolour Interiordezine. 

Wallpapers, we have got thousands of them and every single week, varing patterns are always evolving. Different shades, different colours, different quality, better quality, different design, different outlooks. What else do you want than something that is so you, something that is so me. So what are these advantages that Wallpaper has as compare to Wall paintings.

1) Uniqueness of Colours: There are more colour shades of wallpapers to the availability of different colour shades of paints. 

2) Diversity and uniqueness of designs: There are load of design patterns you can choose from when considering the use of wallpapers that will match your existing design plans. 

3 Effectiveness: Ability to combine more than one wallpaper to give a complementing and contrasting affects or outlook

4) Ability to combine more than one colour pattern: You don't need to play it safe in the game of wallpapering, smile#

5) Ability to use different colour tones of same design: A combination of a brighter and a darker shades of the same wallpaper. This gives a beautiful outcome especially in a large sized room

6) Wallpapers could be use to emphasis painted walls: This is the most common wallpapering pattern in this part of the country. It could be covering just a single wall mostly the focal point or two adjacent walls.

Availability of divers colour and design patterns are parts of the uniqueness of wallpapering. A good wallpaper is also durable. The disadvantages of wallpaper comes when you use bad quality wallpaper which would peels and when its frequently exposed to water.

Multicolour Interiordezine...adding colour to your life


  1. I just discovered wallpaper and so much I love with them now but the problem is that I painted my wall with this stone texture do I go about it?

  2. I just discovered wallpaper and so much I love with them now but the problem is that I painted my wall with this stone texture do I go about it?

    1. Thanks for your reply @ugojanny, wall paper is not glueable on stone texture painted walls. Enjoy your neatly painted walls, smiles.

  3. Ugojanny, if you don't mind the cost, you can take off the paint from that part of the wall you would like to apply wall paper. Get in touch with painters and they'll help you.

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